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A list of benchmark initiatives (in alphabetical order) of interest to our community exploiting multimedia data :
  • ESTER / ETAPE: Evaluation of speech technologies for the French language
  • MediaEval: a serie of evaluation emphasizing the multi in multimedia (speech, audio, visual content, tags, users, context)
  • TRECVid Multimedia Event Detection: The goal of MED is to assemble core detection technologies into a system that can search multimedia recordings for user-defined events based on pre-computed metadata.


A list of publicly (and freely) available corpora which serves as standards for work on multimedia data:
  • Canal9: A freely available collection of 72 political debates recorded by the Canal 9 local TV station and broadcast in Valais, Switzerland.
  • ...


National and international projects with a component related to SLIM:
  • REPERE: French national program on multimodal person identification in broadcast videos
  • ...